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Driving 64% higher consumer engagement and more sales with furniture photo editing, 3D product modeling, and lifestyle image creation for an interior design company

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interior design company - our client
The Client

Interior design company specializing in antique furniture and original decor collections

This Netherlands-based firm sells complete interior collections featuring a mix of antiques and originally crafted pieces, catering to diverse styling needs. With a mixture of international styles as their trademark, they cater to a B2B clientele worldwide, including hotels, restaurants, architects, and interior designers.

Project Requirements

Complex furniture photo editing within tight deadlines

The client's product line includes antique furniture, lighting fixtures, & decorative accessories, with a mix of styles, materials, and finishes, including intricately carved wooden furniture, delicate glass & metal lighting, and upholstered seating. They required photo editing services for-

    • Creating product cutouts that can preserve intricate details
    • Editing 3,000-4,000 images per month while maintaining exceptional quality and fast turnarounds
    • Eliminating reflections on glass surfaces while preserving product shine and luster
    • Creating realistic 3D product visualizations that allow customers to view products from various angles, preview customizations in real time, and visualize them through lifestyle images
    • Matching lifestyle product images with their brand aesthetics and preferences
Project Requirements
Project Challenges

Performing complex edits and transformations on a unique product line

The antique pieces and custom-designed furniture in the client's collections required a photo editing approach that could preserve the essence and character of each item. Many pieces had intricate carvings and inlays. Some had developed patina from exposure to moisture or continuous use, which was evident in the photos and needed to be fixed. The collections showcased various colors and materials; their photos needed to be tuned to match the original product. Additionally, our photo editing team had to develop a keen understanding of their aesthetic preferences and maintain a cohesive visual language throughout the editing process.

Another equally significant challenge was meeting the complex photo editing requirements, like intricate cutouts and 3D product modeling while processing a large number of images (3000-4000) within a month.


Furniture photo retouching and 3D product modeling services

Assembling a specialized team

Assembling a specialized team

  • Handpicked photo editors with experience in similar photo retouching projects
  • Conducted training sessions to familiarize the team with the client's photo editing style guides
  • Assigned a dedicated project manager for updates and communication
  • Implemented a shift-based system to ensure timely delivery
Background removal and photo retouching

Background removal and photo retouching

  • Removed distracting backgrounds and replaced them with clean, white backdrops to highlight the products
  • Retouched images while preserving unique details and color tones of antique pieces
  • Color-corrected images to ensure accurate representation of the original products
  • Removed the price tag and barcode from every product image
Creating product outlines

Creating product outlines

  • Created product outlines using Adobe Illustrator with separate outline stitching
  • Used different line strokes for different products
  • Maintained original aspect ratio to preserve the original image’s width-to-height proportions in the outline image
  • Delivered outlines in both vector EPS and raster PNG formats for versatile use
CCreating image cutouts of complex products

Creating image cutouts of complex products

  • Used masking techniques in Photoshop to separate a product from the image background while preserving its geometry
  • Changed the final image’s background to white
  • Removed reflections and shadows on glass and metal surfaces
  • Fixed the final image through straightening and color adjustments
3D product modeling

3D product modeling

  • Created product wireframes based on the blueprints and measurements provided by the client
  • Created 3D models of furniture and interior decor products using industry-standard software
  • Enhanced product details and applied realistic textures and shadows
  • Replicated product fabric, texture, and color in the 3D model
  • Rendered the final 3D model into photorealistic images to help customers visualize their use
Lifestyle image creation

Lifestyle image creation

  • Selected a set of background settings that complement the client’s products
  • Created product cutouts and added them to background images to showcase how the product fits in multiple lifestyle settings
  • Added realistic shadows and lighting to make the furniture look naturally placed within the scene
  • Cropped and adjusted colors to accurately represent the product

Bridging the gaps in AI photo editing tools with professionals and subject-matter experts

In this project, AI photo editing tools fell short in several areas. They failed to provide clean photo cutouts for decor elements like chandeliers, missing intricate details and overlapping sections. During 3D modeling, the tool we used was unable to catch irregular shapes and contours of the furniture and could not capture the texture of the wood entirely. Our photo editing team used pen and masking tools to trace the intricate designs into cutouts and applied realistic texture, patterns, or other subtle details to the photos and 3D models.

With this approach, which utilizes AI photo editing tools for efficiency while keeping the outcome heavily human-supervised, PicsMatic ensures that the client gets what they need without compromises.

Project Outcomes

Reduced turnaround time

Successfully processedover 4,000 interior decor and furniture photos per month

Maintaining an impressive

Helped the client achieve a  remarkable 64% increase in customer engagement  by implementing 3D product visualizations and lifestyle images

>Scaled the dedicated property

Delivered substantial cost savings of 58% for the client, as reported, compared to maintaining an in-house photo editing team

Nearly 45% cost reduction

Contributed to a notable 27% increase in sales  after updating the product listing images

Client Testimonials

PicsMatic has been a great help to our interior design business. They've made our antique furniture and decor collections look amazing in photos. Even though our products are tricky to edit, like with detailed carvings and fabrics, PicsMatic got the job done well and fast. Plus, the 3D product models they created have helped improve user retention and conversions.

Allina Joy

Founder & CEO

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