Empowering real estate photography firm: 30,000+ images edited with 12-hour TAT/batch
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Our Case study
The Client

Residential & commercial real estate photography firm

Founded in 2010, this real estate photography company works with property owners, agencies, brokers, and realtors. It is responsible for capturing & editing property photos and delivering visuals that can drive buyer engagement and sales online.

Project Requirements

High-volume real estate photo editing with rapid turnaround

In 2011, as our client's real estate photography business started picking up, they recognized the need to increase focus on business expansion and client acquisition. Meanwhile, to manage the photo editing load, they contacted PicsMatic, requesting a dedicated team that could deliver professionally edited images within short time windows. They also asked for particular photo editing services, namely:

Our Case study
Project Challenges

Navigating complexities in real estate photo editing

As we took on this project, our team faced several challenges before they could deliver the promised results within tight timelines.

Managing intense workloads- an average of 1,000-1,500 images per day - and adapting to sudden influxes of images during peak seasons within strict 12-hour turnarounds for each incoming batch

Adopting the client's photo editing style guide and consistently applying those preferences across all images

Achieving natural HDR enhancements without over-processing

Accurately interpreting and converting hand-drawn sketches into precise 2D and 3D floor plans while preserving proper scale and proportions

Creating convincing virtually staged images while maintaining a high level of realism

Incorporating subjective client feedback into the editing process while ensuring timely delivery

Creating complex 3D visualizations that require architectural modeling and 3D rendering expertise

Our Workflow

Deploying a dedicated photo editing team for timely delivery

>Scaled the dedicated property

Photo editor assignment and scheduling

  • Handpicked a team of experienced photo editors with expertise in real estate image editing
  • Conducted training sessions to familiarize the team with the client's editing style and preferences
  • Assigned a project manager to oversee the team, ensure smooth communication, and handle any issues that arise
  • Implemented a shift-based system to ensure timely delivery
  • Allocated resources strategically to handle sudden spikes in workload during peak seasons
Reduced turnaround time

Property photo retouching

  • Replacing dull, overcast skies with vibrant skies
  • Retouching lawns and grass
  • Replacing window cut-outs
  • Eliminating unwanted reflections/shadows/distracting objects
  • Adding realistic flames to fireplaces
  • Replacing TV screens with appealing images
  • Extensive decluttering of interior and exterior photos
HDR image enhancement

HDR image enhancement

  • Fine-tuned tone mapping settings for each property type (e.g., residential, commercial, luxury)
  • Developed custom HDR presets and retouching settings matching the client's property types
  • Provided the client with regular samples of HDR-enhanced images for feedback and further refinement of the editing process
2D to 3D floor plan and sitemap creation

2D to 3D floor plan and sitemap creation

  • Converted hand-drawn sketches into digital 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Implemented quality control measures to verify scale, proportions, and the integration of furniture and decor elements
Virtual staging services for vacant properties

Virtual staging services for vacant properties

  • Curated a library of high-quality, style-appropriate furniture and decor assets for virtual staging
  • Developed realistic shadow, reflection, and texture rendering techniques to enhance the natural appearance of virtually staged images
  • Collaborated closely with the client to ensure alignment with their vision and target market preferences

Meeting demanding deadlines and high-quality bars with Human-supervised AI image editing

While artificial intelligence has pushed automated photo editing to new heights with several upgraded AI photo editing tools now within reach, their outputs often do not reflect the polished, professional quality seen in advertisements. At PicsMatic, we bridge the gap between the promise and reality of AI photo editing through professional photo editors with extensive hands-on experience in AI photo editing tools. We direct and supervise AI tools, ensuring the expected quality and accuracy in the deliverables while meeting the expected deadlines.

Project Outcomes

Reduced turnaround time

Retouching over 30,000 property images  monthly since 2011

Maintaining an impressive

Maintaining an impressive 99.8% accuracy rate

>Scaled the dedicated property

Scaled the dedicated property photo retouching team by 2X

Nearly 45% cost reduction

Nearly 45% cost reduction on image editing costs for the client

Consistently met every deadlinee

Consistently met every deadline without exception

98% client satisfaction

98% client satisfaction rate, based on regular feedback and quality assessments

real estate photo editing - before & after

Client Testimonials

Thanks to PicsMatic, we've achieved a 98% client satisfaction rate. With their dedicated photo editing team, we've received an average of 1,000-1,500 images daily. They have helped us elevate the quality of our deliverables significantly. Despite the complexities involved, PicsMatic consistently meets our strict 12-hour turnaround requirements, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

Adam Martin

CEO, Real Estate

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