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Fashion Photo Editing Services by Experts

Human-powered Fashion Photo Editing Services Meets the Quickest TAT!

We specialize in transforming raw studio images - from model portfolios to beauty adverts - into professional-grade artwork for commercial and personal branding. We are mindful of the intricacies and level of precision required in high-end fashion image editing projects. We leverage advanced image retouching tools and our skills to enhance the visual appeal of fashion photos and work closely with you to maintain quick turnarounds. While incorporating real-time edits to deliver the results you expect, we handle small & large-scale glamor photo editing projects even during the busiest time of the year!

Get End-to-End Fashion Photo Editing Services at PicsMatic

We understand the delicate balance of beauty enhancement while preserving authenticity, especially for premium fashion projects. That is why we pay attention to all the smallest details and editing guidelines to exceed your expectations. Over the years, we have empowered fashion photographers, marketing agencies, models, and photo studios worldwide with our fashion retouching services, encompassing:

Skin Smoothening Services - Before Skin Smoothening Services - After

Skin Smoothening

With skin retouching services, we fix fine lines, blemishes, spots, and wrinkles to enhance natural features without changing the skin tone or permanent characteristics, such as birthmarks or moles. Our glamor photo editing experts can fix iris saturation and remove eye bags, under-eye circles, red-eye effects, and other imperfections through digital airbrushing for a polished yet authentic look.

Hair Retouching Editing Services - Before Hair Retouching Editing Services - After

Hair Retouching

Hair retouching in glamor images demands high-end precision due to differences in hair volume, texture, and other characteristics. Our fashion photo editing specialists remove hair strays, fix thin patches, and refine details while preserving the photo's natural essence. We understand the nature of the shoot & theme to make changes that are aligned with the clients' preferences.

Teeth Whitening Services - Before Teeth Whitening Services - After

Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth can compromise the visual impact in fashion photos. We can meticulously remove signs of dental damage and other forms of tooth discoloration, restoring a naturally white smile without using harsh filters or unrealistic distortions. To achieve visually appealing and natural visuals, we follow a proven approach for teeth whitening photo editing that respects natural tooth color, image lighting, and overall ambiance.

Makeup Enhancement Services - Before Makeup Enhancement Services - After

Makeup Enhancement

During long photoshoots, a model’s makeup often fades, losing its shine and impact. Our glamor photo editing specialists identify these issues in fashion photos and restore the lost brilliance by making necessary adjustments to make-up essentials like lipstick color, eyeshadow, mascara, or the lashes. Depending upon the photoshoot type and purpose, we enhance makeup & add highlights or contours without using loud, unreal colors or makeup effects.

Crease Removal/Fabric Straightening Services - Before Crease Removal/Fabric Straightening Services - After

Crease Removal/Fabric Straightening

We remove creases, scratches, and shrivels from photoshoot apparels for a neat and professional look. If you are running out of time to prepare clothes for a fashion shoot or catalog shoot, we can retouch the details to overcome the shortcomings captured in the photos. Additionally, we can remove stains from clothing, enhance or change the colors of apparel, remove unwanted accessories, or add other elements tailored to your needs.

Body Sculpting Services - Before Body Sculpting Services - After

Body Sculpting

Our advanced body sculpting techniques can enhance a model's form/shape. Simply share which areas you would like to focus on and our fashion photo editors will use subtle dodge & burn techniques to refine features and make subtle changes like accentuating natural curves. We focus on achieving a polished look, free from unrealistic distortions.

Background Transformation/Removal Editing Services - Before Background Transformation/Removal Editing Services - After

Background Transformation/Removal

With our background editing services, we can remove distracting elements, replace green screens with captivating backdrops, and add various creative options to suit your vision using advanced background transformation techniques like clipping paths or masking. Every project is unique, so we work closely with you to achieve your desired aesthetic, whether it's a clean and minimalist look or a dramatic, immersive scene.

Color & Light Correction Services - Before Color & Light Correction Editing Services - After

Color & Light Correction

Our fashion image editing experts can assist you with fixing color cast, improper lighting, hues, tints, and other imperfections to capture the true essence of your designs. Additionally, we can create multiple variations of your products for online sales and marketing without reshoots. Simply send us your images, and we will use our color conversion techniques to generate the desired versions.

Catalog Fashion Photo Retouching Services - Before Catalog Fashion Photo Retouching Services - After

Catalog Fashion Photo Retouching

We are your trusted partner for catalog fashion photo editing, empowering designers and clothing brands to showcase their latest collections in stunning detail. Whether you need basic edits like cropping & resizing, or advanced retouching like composition adjustments, background removal, and color manipulation, our team delivers the desired results within the preferred timeline.

Shadow & Reflection Adjustment Services - Before Shadow & Reflection Adjustment Services - After

Shadow & Reflection Adjustment

We use advanced shadow editing techniques to add natural reflections, depth, and dimension to your fashion images, enhancing their visual appeal without disrupting their integrity. Alternatively, if there are any unwanted reflections in your fashion photos, we can meticulously remove them, ensuring a polished & professional look with perfectly adjusted lighting.

Our Success Stories

See firsthand how our human-powered photo editing services helped brands of all sizes- from independent photographers to Fortune 500 companies -while protecting their data assets.

Client Testimonials

These reviews from our clientele are evidence of their satisfaction and our expertise in professional image editing.

PicsMatic's fashion photo editing services are a game-changer. Their ability to retouch our clothing photos has been instrumental to my eCommerce business’s online visibility & growth. Their dedication to meeting my expectations is impressive. Highly recommended!

Choosing PicsMatic for background removal was one of the best decisions I made for my business. Since we were short on time, we needed someone for quick image editing with the least turnaround time. Their team aligned with what we required and paid attention to detail. I regard PicsMatic as a trusted partner in my business growth.

PicsMatic's background removal service was a lifesaver for my online boutique! We were looking for professionals who could improve our pictures according to the 4-5 eCommerce marketplaces where we sell. PicsMatic’s team was quick and precise in sharing edited photos. My online store looks more appealing, and user footfall has increased on my listings.

PicsMatic's real estate photo editing services have enhanced how we present our property listings. Our bounce rate has been reduced to 35%, resulting in faster sales and higher profits. I highly recommend PicsMatic to anyone looking for property photo editing.

I'm thrilled with the results of PicsMatic's jewelry photo editing! Their team did a great job refining the jewelry images we shared. Since we had a bulk requirement, we were perplexed as to whether they could complete the projects within the set deadlines. But to my surprise, they did it while maintaining the expected quality, and since then, PicsMatic has become an essential partner for my business!

When we built our online fashion store, we were looking for someone who could understand our goals and how we wanted our pictures to look. That’s when we came across PicsMatic. The team is responsive and quick to respond to the projects we give them, which is very impressive.

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