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Background Removal Services
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Clipping Path Services
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High-end Professional Image Editing Services

PicsMatic- One Hub for Every Furniture Photo Editing Project

Enhance furniture images across digital platforms and print materials with professional furniture photo editing services that are attuned to today’s online-driven businesses. We work with realtors, eCommerce platforms, digital marketplaces, furniture retailers, and manufacturers to transform basic furniture images into enticing selling propositions.

Whether you want to visualize furniture in commercial/residential spaces for creating stunning lifestyle images, or want to create complex 3D product models, you can outsource all furniture photo editing services to our team. We can perform intricate edits on large batches of images following your specifications and timelines. We can also incorporate live image feedback and offer unlimited revisions to deliver photos you are truly satisfied with.

Explore Our Furniture Image Editing Services

Outsource furniture photo editing services to PicsMatic and entice customers with eye-catching, high-quality images. Our end-to-end service includes:

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Product Cutout Services

Furniture images with especially complex shapes and details cannot be identified by AI tools. Hence, our image editors manually cut out products to meet your specifications and create a detailed outline around furniture considering intricate edges and unique shapes. If needed, we further separate products from complex backgrounds using Photoshop and neatly place them against a plain white background.

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Background Removal

As a part of our background removal services, we can carefully extract furniture shots from the raw or original image background and place your products on a plain, white background. Using clipping path and masking techniques, our editors precisely outline intricate product details, accurately removing backgrounds while retaining shadows and edges in the final images.

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Furniture Image Retouching

As a part of furniture photo retouching services, our experts remove dust, scratches, debts, and spots from the images. We give a more polished look to furniture and accessories by enhancing images, such as adding shine and luster that help to boost the product’s visual appeal. We can also perform color correction, correct lens distortion, create natural-looking shadows, remove unwanted elements, and recreate damaged or concealed parts of the furniture.

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Furniture Virtual Staging Solutions

Our professional virtual staging solutions help you showcase furniture in realistic living spaces. Our team can effectively furnish 2D/3D interior environments, tailored to a brand’s aesthetics. We can stage items like sofas, beds, tables, and cabinets into residential or commercial spaces to create life-like images that can inspire more purchases.

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Product Lifestyle Image Creation

Our furniture image enhancement services extend support in seamlessly integrating furniture pieces into engaging lifestyle images. Whether you want to showcase furniture in an office setting, bookstore, cafe, or residential property, we can create compelling lifestyle images from scratch while ensuring proper lighting, scaling, and positioning.

3D Product Modeling - Before 3D Product Modeling - After

3D Product Modeling

We specialize in creating stunning 3D product visualizations for furniture as per the client’s specifications. Our team transforms your images into ultra-realistic 3D models featuring precise details, shadows, fabrics, and customization options visible from every angle to enable customers to visualize furniture pieces in their spaces and make informed buying decisions.

Our Success Stories

See firsthand how our human-powered photo editing services helped brands of all sizes- from independent photographers to Fortune 500 companies -while protecting their data assets.

Client Testimonials

These reviews from our clientele are evidence of their satisfaction and our expertise in professional image editing.

PicsMatic's fashion photo editing services are a game-changer. Their ability to retouch our clothing photos has been instrumental to my eCommerce business’s online visibility & growth. Their dedication to meeting my expectations is impressive. Highly recommended!

Choosing PicsMatic for background removal was one of the best decisions I made for my business. Since we were short on time, we needed someone for quick image editing with the least turnaround time. Their team aligned with what we required and paid attention to detail. I regard PicsMatic as a trusted partner in my business growth.

PicsMatic's background removal service was a lifesaver for my online boutique! We were looking for professionals who could improve our pictures according to the 4-5 eCommerce marketplaces where we sell. PicsMatic’s team was quick and precise in sharing edited photos. My online store looks more appealing, and user footfall has increased on my listings.

PicsMatic's real estate photo editing services have enhanced how we present our property listings. Our bounce rate has been reduced to 35%, resulting in faster sales and higher profits. I highly recommend PicsMatic to anyone looking for property photo editing.

I'm thrilled with the results of PicsMatic's jewelry photo editing! Their team did a great job refining the jewelry images we shared. Since we had a bulk requirement, we were perplexed as to whether they could complete the projects within the set deadlines. But to my surprise, they did it while maintaining the expected quality, and since then, PicsMatic has become an essential partner for my business!

When we built our online fashion store, we were looking for someone who could understand our goals and how we wanted our pictures to look. That’s when we came across PicsMatic. The team is responsive and quick to respond to the projects we give them, which is very impressive.

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