Ghost Mannequin Removal Services - Before Before
Ghost Mannequin Removal Services - After After
Ghost Mannequin Removal Services
Ghost Apparel Editing - Before Before
Ghost Apparel Editing - After After
Ghost Apparel Editing
Invisible Mannequin Services - Before Before
Invisible Mannequin Services - After After
Invisible Mannequin Services

PicsMatic Redefines Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost mannequin photo editing requires skill, attention to detail, and a thorough grasp of garment structures and textures. At Picsmatic, we enable online stores, magazine companies, photo studios, and fashion/model photographers to seamlessly remove mannequins, creating a captivating ghost mannequin effect while retaining the natural shape and form of the garment or accessories.

When you outsource ghost mannequin image editing services to PicsMatic, you get the leverage of unlimited revisions to ensure the final images meet your expectations. Our services are customized to match each client's preference and brand-specific guidelines. Whether you are selling on an eCommerce store or launching your fashion campaign, we can provide high-quality ghost mannequin edits for large batches, tailored specifically for your needs.

Get Perfect Fashion Retail Shots with Ghost Mannequin Product Image Enhancement Services

Our experts create eye-catching 2D and 3D looks (for both simple and complex product images) using the latest photo editing tools & techniques and ensure the fastest turnaround time to meet your production needs/deadlines. Our invisible ghost mannequin services include:

Mannequin Photo Editing Services - Before Mannequin Photo Editing Services - After

Mannequin Removal

As a part of ghost mannequin product image enhancement services, we remove mannequins seamlessly from product images to make clothing appear as if it is being worn by an invisible model. It involves digitally erasing the mannequin from product images while maintaining the natural look and shape of the garment.

Wrinkle Removal & Garment Straightening - Before Wrinkle Removal & Garment Straightening- After

Wrinkle Removal & Garment Straightening

Even minor wrinkles or folds can ruin the look in fashion apparel & lifestyle images. Our photo editors carefully examine images and smoothen any visible wrinkles in the fabric or surfaces for a smoother appearance. Our mannequin photo editing experts invest time in garment straightening to refine the images of apparel so that the fabrics hang for the intended, stylish look.

Our Success Stories

See firsthand how our human-powered photo editing services helped brands of all sizes- from independent photographers to Fortune 500 companies -while protecting their data assets.

Client Testimonials

These reviews from our clientele are evidence of their satisfaction and our expertise in professional image editing.

PicsMatic's fashion photo editing services are a game-changer. Their ability to retouch our clothing photos has been instrumental to my eCommerce business’s online visibility & growth. Their dedication to meeting my expectations is impressive. Highly recommended!

Choosing PicsMatic for background removal was one of the best decisions I made for my business. Since we were short on time, we needed someone for quick image editing with the least turnaround time. Their team aligned with what we required and paid attention to detail. I regard PicsMatic as a trusted partner in my business growth.

PicsMatic's background removal service was a lifesaver for my online boutique! We were looking for professionals who could improve our pictures according to the 4-5 eCommerce marketplaces where we sell. PicsMatic’s team was quick and precise in sharing edited photos. My online store looks more appealing, and user footfall has increased on my listings.

PicsMatic's real estate photo editing services have enhanced how we present our property listings. Our bounce rate has been reduced to 35%, resulting in faster sales and higher profits. I highly recommend PicsMatic to anyone looking for property photo editing.

I'm thrilled with the results of PicsMatic's jewelry photo editing! Their team did a great job refining the jewelry images we shared. Since we had a bulk requirement, we were perplexed as to whether they could complete the projects within the set deadlines. But to my surprise, they did it while maintaining the expected quality, and since then, PicsMatic has become an essential partner for my business!

When we built our online fashion store, we were looking for someone who could understand our goals and how we wanted our pictures to look. That’s when we came across PicsMatic. The team is responsive and quick to respond to the projects we give them, which is very impressive.

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